Fashion's Carbon Footprint


That's what we strive for with our carbon initiative. Through an innovative merging of conservation of forest habitat and biodiversity with community-based works programs, we are well on our way. With 10 years of conservation under our belts we have what it takes to make a positive impact on the global carbon footprint. Not only are we protecting CO2-devouring forests around the world, but our own business operations are totally carbon neutral. Zero. Nada.

Everything from driving a car to drinking water from plastic bottles are the primary culprits responsible for the greenhouse gasses (mostly C02), which are damaging the place we call home: planet earth. We are in good company with countries all over the world and the United Nations in promoting solutions and establishing guidelines for a global reduction in carbon emissions.

Wildlife Works carbon neutral tracking numbers:


Wildlife Works garments with the above carbon neutral tracking numbers have been made carbon zero with  credits created from protecting 
The Kasigau Corridor located in Southeast Kenya. 

Learn more about our carbon projects here.