We Believe

We believe that all species have an intrinsic right to exist on Earth, without having to prove their value.

We believe that all people have a right to feel safe and secure in their traditional homes, to raise and educate their children, to aspire to a better life or cherish the life they already have.

We believe that increasingly, these two principles conflict as human communities expand into wilderness in search of a new home or income, and begin to compete with wildlife for water, food and the use of natural resources.

We believe that we have no right to preach to those at the sharp edge of human-wildlife conflict in the developing world.

We believe in non-violent solutions, and that guns escalate violence, so our Wildlife Rangers are unarmed (but tough and unafraid).

We believe that those of us whose standard of living has been supported through the extraction of natural resources from far away wildernesses have been key drivers of this accelerating conflict.

We believe that we now know the impact of our actions, and that we now have a choice to be part of the solution, to provide those who live in wilderness with a sustainable, wildlife friendly way to thrive.

We believe that the sheer scale of the marketplace dwarfs charitable donations, so charity cannot repair what the marketplace continues to destroy.

We believe the marketplace is not inherently evil; it is you and us, and we can choose responsible commerce and direct the power of the marketplace to helping solve problems rather than creating them.

We believe that job and market based solutions like ours should be provided by self sustaining businesses in the marketplace, so we are not constrained by a narrow NGO charter, and can take a holistic, systems approach to meeting a forest community’s needs while protecting wildlife at the same time.

We believe in radical transparency, so you can hold us accountable for our actions, celebrate our successes, and appreciate our struggles. Want to know something about us?