maasai kinship charms - triangle

Gift a Maasai Kinship Charm to celebrate your connection with your loved ones.åÊ

Hang them as a door or window charm, or as a Christmas ornament as a subtle reminder of the love that surrounds you!åÊ

Measures 2.5" long.

Comes in single charms.åÊ

These glass bead accessories were designed and made by the Osotwa Women‰۪s Group. Beading is a tradition in the Maasai community. Osotwa is the Maasai word for ‰Û÷kinship love‰۪ and is one of the two pillars of Maasai society. The second pillar being 'enkanyit' or respect. The 14 members of Osotwa live in a small manyaea (homestead) next to the Mombasa Highway in Southeast Kenya.åÊ

These handicrafts provide an income for women that desperately need one. Also, by providing livelihoods for people that live near wildlife habitats, we fight destruction in the are.åÊ

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